redd (mynewhero) wrote,

Lazy Pong!

I met The Mother in town last night for coffee, she’d come in on a project to photograph strangers' faces. The strangers had mixed feelings about this. Before I met her on the corner of Georges Street I could see her from a mile off. It was easy to spot the disturbance in the flow of pedestrians as she bumped into, smiled at and then step into the path of the next person. (That and the crazy pixie jacket she insists on wearing.) Odd for a girl who grew up in the inner city but there you go I guess it’s just not like riding a bike.
After coffee I walked her back to Temple Bar and hooshed her on a straight line intercept course to the LUAS which would take her to the train which would take her back to the safety of Newbridge. I’m fairly certain she made it. There had been coffee, crêpes and well meaning lectures on why I should be studying for a masters. I needed a drink. Being Lent this now meant I had to go out. Jen appeared beside me and we proceeded to Brasserie 66 wherein we were massively underwhelmed by the food, somewhat whelmed by the wine and overcharged by the bill. Jen verbally punched the manager in the throat, the bill got sorted.
It was only seven o’clock, we were half cut and needed to hit more booze. Jen grabbed a Dublin-Bike, I scooted behind on my trusty racer and we wobbled our way down to Portobello and The Bernard Shaw. Some poor photographer was having an exhibition which, including the bar man, had an audience of three. We felt bad so pretended to browse in a serious manner before giving up and I sat back and watched the genius of Jen as, on the spot, she invented Lazy Pong!

Below are the transcribed notes from my diary
2 people lying prone side by side and not naked
1 ferret
Half a net
+ speed chess timers

Resist the Snuffle or DIE Lose Points!

I’m sure you can fill in the gaps yourself.
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point me out to your mother as i wander aimlessly through life 'thats what doing a masters does to a man' then shake your head and put some coins in my hat
your just playing a long game. soon you'll collect enough qualifications to become your own university