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Fill your belly. Empty your mind.

Tonight, my gaff: Cakes Of Pan MMX! I’ve just downloaded Crank 2 and it's going to be amazing! But, wait there's more,  most importantly of all
Unlike last year’s veganism, which started out difficult, sauntered into hard and ended in a galloping finish towards all out depression, this year I’m going to do something that will improve my life and more importantly The Lives of Everyone I Know.
I’m not going to drink at home, at all.
'Pff', 'eeeeeasy', *rolleyes* you say.
No. I heart drinking in a way that’s considered pathological in most civilized lands; not the quantity just my abundant love for alcohol. I like wine with my dinner, Vodka with everything and beer on a Sunday night after I’ve visited Family. Martinis to alleviate depression, Gin to cause it, Cider for fighting cars and Sake to feel fancy. And then there’s Rum, rum rum rum rum rum, all the other drinks in the press are like my good friends, some you see only rarely at large social gatherings who you secretly have mixed feelings about (I’m looking at you Absinthe) others live just down the road pop in for a chat and make you cakes. But Rum. Rum is your dog, the dog you wrestle and play tug of war with, the dog that you go for long walks in cold woods before coming home and ending up asleep on the couch with his head on your lap. (Also, apparently, the hangover from which leads you down long meandering sentences through poorly enlightened allegory. )

Remember I posted that I was getting no sleep on cause of all the nightmares? Yes? Know how I fixed that? Rum.
Got back pain? Rum. The TV boring, work not so exciting? You guessed it, RUM!

Anyway back to Lent. The basic idea is to be more social, if Jen and I want to get good and boozy we got to out, this should mean:
More Gigs: our gig going has dropped off the charts since Oyster Bay went on special in Dunnes.
More Friends: I don’t think I have enough conversation in me to have a one on one conversation without external stimuli so pub visits will need at least one other friend to provide witty witticisms. Guys you’ve been warned, I’m expecting your A-game.
Less Booze: Booze outside my flat is frightfully expensive, the only thing greater than my love of C2H5OH is my dead man’s grasp on my wallet.

Anyway that’s the plan, I’m constantly amazed at how I can take a simple concept and just keep adding words.

But first Tonight! Pancakes and Crank 2. 'Awesome', 'High Five', *moonwalk*.
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Rum is my world
A little bit of Sailor Jerry and pineapple juice, my favorite bartenders know to have it made for me when I walk in the bar.
Also, I just watched Crank 2 for the first time the other day, good times all around. Have fun!
I don't think we have sailor jerry over here, at least not that I've seen. I tend to gravitate to my Morgans Spiced over ice, mmmm.

turns out i don't like crank 2, i had a bit of a rant about it earlier. I could just be hung over though.
Haha, Crank 2 is hard to like, actually. If you keep in mind that it's made to be overly stupid, it makes it not so bad. I'm heading to your post about it right now.

Also, Sailor Jerry is so much better than Morgans.
I should send you some. Can people do that? Send alcohol through the mail?
i have no idea, maybe there excise laws or something bt if it's possible bring it on. we could have an international Booze-Swap.
Let's do it!
ill do my best to provide witty pub banter....i can't promise anything, as of late i have not invested enough time in creating new topics. I have spruced up the old ones.. unrequited love etc.. by just wallpapering in a new girl. Perhaps for Lent i should address this.

Also on the subject of booze, Gin does not make one depressed, it causes super hysterical manic happiness. As demonstrated by me at ATP crying and gesticulating at the movie screen, trying to explain to everyone that The Thing is the greatest movie ever made and Kurt Russell is a god..... a god
maybe it just made everyone else in the cinema depressed that they did not get what an awesome time you were having. and yes we should all worship at the feet of Snake