redd (mynewhero) wrote,

piece of cake.

I’ve decided to learn to bake. Two reasons why: a) through sheer bravado and brouhaha I seem to have talked myself into an Intercontinental Bake Off with nerdjunkie . Then I saw photos of her crazy cake skills and, frankly, I’m scared. b) the_jen has taken over the cooking this week and I need to be in charge of something!

Behold piggy-wig rise over Victoria Sponge!

Thank You Delia. What you don’t see, off screen, are the three beautifully baked Victoria Frisbees that preceded me actually going back and reading the chapter on Cake. Still now I know The Secret and I’m one recipe more awesome than I was a week ago. Take THAT past-me.

We celebrated in true style with Cocktails!

I’m basically Don and Betty Draper all rolled up into one, well except, y’know, minus the awesome jawline.
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