redd (mynewhero) wrote,

piece of cake.

I’ve decided to learn to bake. Two reasons why: a) through sheer bravado and brouhaha I seem to have talked myself into an Intercontinental Bake Off with nerdjunkie . Then I saw photos of her crazy cake skills and, frankly, I’m scared. b) the_jen has taken over the cooking this week and I need to be in charge of something!

Behold piggy-wig rise over Victoria Sponge!

Thank You Delia. What you don’t see, off screen, are the three beautifully baked Victoria Frisbees that preceded me actually going back and reading the chapter on Cake. Still now I know The Secret and I’m one recipe more awesome than I was a week ago. Take THAT past-me.

We celebrated in true style with Cocktails!

I’m basically Don and Betty Draper all rolled up into one, well except, y’know, minus the awesome jawline.
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His jawline is awesome. Good looking sponge there, the classic sponge/jam/cream/icing sugar combination is a winner.
I think Don Draper has usurped Johnny Depp as Person I Most Want To Be In The Whole World Ever. the dude is 6'2" and 180lbs of pure suave.
Looks great!

I cooked competitively with my brother (he was a trained chef but now clerks in the Navy) but I always went straight for the cakes and left the savoury stuff for him to massage his manly ego with.

You should try vegan cake baking. Its terrifying. Replace eggs with a weird baking soda and cider vinegar combination, grease the tins like you've never greased before and stand well fucking back.

It also took me about three frisbees before I got the vegan double chocolate fudge cake right. And there were blueberry muffins which looked perfect until you bit into one. PURE salt.

They looked sooo tasty I kept trying to eat them until my mother threw them away to prevent me dying of salt poisioning.

Better get that right before I do some for Ken.

i'm taking baby steps before diving headlong into the ironman triathlon that is vegan baking.

and hey, I never realised I hadn't added you before, my bad entirely. welcome to the sparse landscape that is my friends list.
speaking of vegan baking, i've recently tasted beet choco cream cheese cake WITH beet cream cheese icing. vegetarian and not quite vegan yet, but oh my god. i did not know beet/chocolate/cream cheese is possible. it's a whole new galaxy of baking!!!! we must explore.